Sir Richard Taylor  

(owner of Weta Workshops)

 “I have a great love of sculptural art. I love movement, energy and action communicated through the sculpted form.

It is therefore understandable that I would love the work that Jack Marsden is doing. Jack selects and works in driftwood. This is his medium of choice and he sculpts it with a mastery that defies the medium he is working in.

Jack is possibly making the finest driftwood sculptures in the country and it is terrific to know that My wife Tania and Myself have two beautiful pieces in our collection”

Weta Workshops




Tony Murrell  

(Tv Gardener,and host of Radio live show)

"2013 was my first year to exhibit at The Ellerslie International Flower Show;

Jack Marsden Mayer's sculpture "Moa" really was an obvious choice for my co designer Adam Shuter and I due to his ability to truly capture the essence of character and scale while incorporating a unique and iconic medium as steel and driftwood.

The Modern day Moa exhibition garden  achieved an outstanding award of Silver Distinction and we feel that Jacks sculptures truly helped us achieve this."

Tony Murrell design


Rob Garrett

(Curator NZ Sculpture onshore 2012)

"Having discovered a single example of Marsden Mayer’s work, and then looking into his work more closely, I was very pleased to invite him to participate as one our “new artists” in the 2012 exhibition. He conceived and developed a new work in response to our Auckland location; and his life size elephant made a fantastic contribution to the exhibition and went on to win the People’s Choice award."

Rob Garrett

NZ Sculpture Onshore